I & E Technician

Plains, TX
Job Description: 

This position will ensure the integrity and reliability of all electrical, instrumentation, and control systems including installation, troubleshooting, and continued calibration and maintenance within the assigned area. This will include: natural gas processing plant, compressor station, pigging facilities, and metering station. Additionally, this position must also have a strong commitment to safety and environmental policies.

Roles & Responsibilities

a. Safely install, configure, test, calibrate, operate, troubleshoot, maintain, and inspect electrical, instrumentation, and control system equipment

b. Monitor pressure, flow, temperature controls, process limited controllers, and gas analysis equipment

c. Use and understand the principles of operation of all meters and instruments used in applicable I&E work

d. Work with drawings, sketches, specs, as-builts, and make new for proposed installations and completed projects

e. Perform and document preventive maintenance inspections on electrical and control equipment in gas processing and compressor station facilities

f. Perform calibration, troubleshooting and maintenance of sophisticated compliance analyzers, and the capacity to make programming changes and additions

g. Interpret schematics to troubleshoot problems and performs database maintenance administration

h. Install and adjust measuring and control devices, signal transmitters, meters and signal pickups

i. Practice awareness concerning issues of health, safety and the environment; cooperates with emergency teams to anticipate and deal with any hazardous and/or unusual situations (oil spills and line leaks, inclement weather, etc.)

j. Utilize Work Order database for maintenance activity

k. Review, approve and fill equipment requisitions

Skill Sets Required

a. High School diploma or equivalent; technical schooling a plus

b. 5+ years of comprehensive I&E experience within natural gas operations or equivalent.

c. Valid driver’s license

d. Proficient computer skills

e. Knowledgeable in operating and maintaining equipment within oil and gas facilities

f. Basic understanding of electrical concepts, test equipment, flow schematics, and electrical and piping/instrumentation drawings

g. Basic knowledge of PLC operations and logic

h. Must pass pre-employment and subject to random DOT drug testing.

i. Capable of lifting/carrying/pushing/pulling up to 50lbs

j. Capable of vigorous outdoor activities and have manual dexterity with physical ability to work extended hours, climbing, bending, kneeling, squatting, working with arms extended above the head, twisting upper body, standing for long periods, walking on catwalks, working in confined spaces, exposure to extreme weather conditions, driving a vehicle, operation of forklifts and light industrial equipment