Plant Mechanic

Plains, TX
Job Description: 

Plant mechanics work with a range of tools to maintain, diagnose and repair plant machinery and equipment. Perform routine maintenance on all machinery, and operate a number of machines such as compressors, pumps, air coolers, filters etc. They assemble and fit these components, which might require repairs or replacements, before commissioning and performing a final test of the equipment.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Identify equipment and/or components that require preventive maintenance
  2. Repair/replace defective or damaged rotating equipment.
  3. Analyze machine error messages; understand equipment manuals, and information obtained from operators in order to diagnose equipment/plant problems.
  4. Implement the Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedule on a wide variety of equipment, such as compressors, diesel generators, pumps, air coolers, etc.
  5. Change filters as necessary in any service (gas, amine, oil, water, heat medium) including sour services.
  6. As necessary, provide input on capital projects to obtain the necessary design parameters and capital spare parts.
  7. Always work in a safe manner and follow site operating procedures with an emphasis of compliance with OSHA life safety, e.g. Lockout/Tag out, Confined Space Entry, etc.
  8. As necessary, drive a forklift and man-lift.
  9. Responsible for ordering parts for repairs or to keep stock in maintenance shop.
  10. Communicate to Maintenance Manager about daily tasks completed or still in progress along with what parts and materials were used or ordered by keeping a daily maintenance log of tasks being worked on for morning and 2nd shift.
  11. Create and maintain operational effectiveness in housekeeping in the maintenance area.

Skill sets required 

  1. Minimum of a High School diploma or equivalent, Technical Degree Preferred.
  2. Five or more years' experience in maintenance and/or machining, with a focus on industrial equipment maintenance.
  3. Experience in Preventative Maintenance, including repairs, replacement, lubrication, etc.
  4. Basic understanding of chemical plant day-to-day operations and processes.
  5. Ability to multi-task and manage multiple needs and priorities.
  6. Ability to routinely push, pull, or lift at least 50 pounds while performing normal unit operations.
  7. Ability to climb stairs and work at heights, as well as climb vertical ladders.
  8. Knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions related to process operations; specifically how to read a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and utilize the proper PPE for a chemical
  9. Flexible frame of mind to deal with changing needs and priorities.